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San Joaquin County Office of Emergency

San Joaquin County Office of Emergency
Posted on 03/20/2020

San Joaquin County Public Health Officer and Director of Emergency Service have issued a new order for the county. effective as of 12:00 pm on 05/08/2020.

The updated order is due to evidence of an accelerated incidence of COVID-19 within San Joaquin County and throughout Northern California, indicating that additional efforts must be implemented to slow the rate of spread.

Highlights of the new order:

Following the State’s announcement to the modification of the Governor’s Stay at Home Order, the San Joaquin County Public Health Officer and Director of Emergency Services have announced that all retail operations not previously authorized by the State can reopen provided they limit their operations to curbside or delivery. Manufacturing and logistics operations that support retail business– can also reopen with modifications that reduce risk and establish a safer environment for workers and customers.
On Friday, May 8, 2020 at 12:00 PM, retail businesses, and the manufacturing and logistics that support them, are part of the State’s Stage 2 reopening. The state recognizes the impact of economic hardship, but the risk of COVID-19 infection is still real for all Californians and continues to be fatal.
While many elements of the guidance are the same across industries – such as cleaning and physical distancing – consideration was given to industry-specific methods. For example:
*Retailers should increase pickup and delivery service options and encourage physical distancing during pickup – like loading items directly into a customer’s trunk or leaving items at their door.
*Retailers should install hands-free devices, if possible, including motion sensor lights, contactless payment systems, automatic soap and paper towel dispensers, and time card systems.
*Manufacturing companies should close break rooms, use barriers, or increase distance between tables/chairs to separate workers and discourage congregating during breaks. Where possible, create outdoor break areas with shade covers and seating that ensures physical distancing.
*Warehouses should minimize transaction time between warehouse employees and transportation personnel. Perform gate check-ins and paperwork digitally if feasible.
*Warehouse workers should clean delivery vehicles and equipment before and after delivery, carry additional sanitation materials during deliveries, and use clean personal protective equipment for each delivery stop.

The State developed industry guidance for retail, manufacturing and logistics industries can be found at .
Each business, as outlined above, should review the guidance that is relevant to their workplace, prepare a plan based on the guidance for their industry, and put it into action. When complete, businesses can post an industry-specific checklist in their workplace to show customers and employees that they have reduced the risk and are open for business.
Before reopening, all outlined facilities should:
*Perform a detailed risk assessment and implement a site-specific protection plan
*Train employees on how to limit the spread of COVID-19, including how to screen themselves for symptoms and stay home if they have them
*Implement individual control measures and screenings
*Implement disinfecting protocols
*Implement physical distancing guidance

Amended order 5/8/2020. Click here for here for the full order

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