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Requests for Proposals

Contractor Annual Prequalification

As of November 6, 2017, the City of Escalon  determined that all bidders on City public works projects requiring a Class A contractor license with a contract value greater than $100,000.00, or as determined by the City Engineer, must be pre-qualified as a condition of bidding on said projects. You can find the Pre-qualification Package and instructions here.

Public Purchase

The City of Escalon partners with Public Purchase. Public Purchase provides government agencies and their vendors with a comprehensive and easy to use web based eProcurement system. For our vendors, this eProcurement system provides you with automatic notification and transmittal of bid solicitations to vendors. In addition, Public Purchase gives you access to bid opportunities with other government entities. All of this is provided at no charge.

The following open solicitations are posted at Public Purchase. To view or respond to a solicitation, you must be registered with Public Purchase. For instructions on registering, click here.
Once you are registered, click on the appropriate listing and you will be forwarded to Public Purchase where you can login to view and/or respond to the solicitation.

Please note it is the responsibility of the Contractor to check the website for any addendum to a project or provide the point of contact of the project contractor contact information.
Open Bids

RFP - eTrans Advertising Sales Program
RFP - To Lease City-Owned Land

Closed Bids

Main Street Park Full Color Site Exhibit
Main Street Park Improvement Plans
Main Street Park Improvement Specs

Public Surplus

The City of Escalon now partners with Public Surplus. Public Surplus provides government agencies and their vendors with a comprehensive and easy to use web based surplus system. Items available for purchase will be uploaded here to be bid on. Just like Public Purchase, you will need to register with Public Surplus in order to become a buyer.,ca/browse/home