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Citation Sign-Off

Citation Sign-Off

An officer from the Escalon Police Department can sign off a correctable violation citation, commonly known as a "Fix-it-ticket", issued by any law enforcement agency in the state of California, however, we do charge a $20.00 fee for citations that were not issued by the Escalon Police Department.  What you need to bring with you may vary depending on what the citation is for.  You must bring with you the original copy of the citation or the paperwork received from the court to have your citation signed off.   What else you will need for some common types of fix-it-tickets include:

Mechanical Violations (Lighting equipment, license plate missing, window tint, etc.)

-The vehicle for which the citation was issued

Registration Violations

-Current registration card for the vehicle (Vehicle does not need to be present)

Insurance Violations

-Proof of insurance showing that the vehicle was insured at the time of the stop (Vehicle does not need to be present)

NOTE: The Escalon Police Department will NOT sign off on proof of insurance citations when the insured was obtained after the citation was issued.  If you received a citation for not having proof of current insurance and you did not have insurance at the time, but have since gotten insurance, you may go to court and request a judge reduce your fine.

For most correctable violation citations, the person for whom the citation was issued does not need to be present.  A parent, spouse, or friend, co-worker, etc. can bring the vehicle and citation to the police department to get the citation signed-off.


-Citation issued by the Escalon Police Department: No Charge
-Citation issued by other agency: $20.00

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