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Sign Permit

Sign Permit

What types of signs need a permit?

All signs require a permit prior to installation except political signs, signs for the sale or lease of the property on which the sign is erected, governmental flags, memorial signs or tablets, governmental signs, window signs, temporary noncommercial signs less than 5 feet in size, open house signs and holiday decorations. A sign permit is not required for garage sales, but any garage sale signs must be posted on site (signs are not permitted on telephone and streetlight poles). Additional information on sign requirements is located in Chapter 17.42 of the Zoning Ordinance. Copies of this chapter are available at the public service counter in the Development Services Department.
Most sign permits applications can be approved by the City Planner. The approximate processing time for such permits is approximately five (5) working days from the date the application is deemed complete by the City Planner.

Once approval has been obtained by the City Planner, a building permit may also be required.

City of Escalon Sign Permit Application