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Vehicle Release

Vehicle Release

If your vehicle was towed by the Escalon Police Department, you will need to get a vehicle release form prior to picking up your vehicle.  Depending on the reason the vehicle was towed, there may be a 30 day hold placed on the vehicle, meaning that it cannot be picked up until 30 days after the vehicle was towed. 

30 day holds
Pursuant to California Vehicle Code section 14602.6 subsection (a)(1):

Whenever a peace officer determines that a person was driving a vehicle while his or her driving privilege was suspended or revoked, driving a vehicle while his or her driving privilege is restricted pursuant to Section 13352 or 23575 and the vehicle is not equipped with a functioning, certified interlock device, or driving a vehicle without ever having been issued a driver’s license, the peace officer may either immediately arrest that person and cause the removal and seizure of that vehicle or, if the vehicle is involved in a traffic collision, cause the removal and seizure of the vehicle without the necessity of arresting the person in accordance with Chapter 10 (commencing with Section 22650) of Division 11. A vehicle so impounded shall be impounded for 30 days.

If your vehicle was towed for being operated by a person with a suspended license, a person who does not have a driver license (Except for expired licenses), or a person who is required to have an ignition interlock device installed in the vehicle, it will be placed on a 30 day hold.  If you would like to get your vehicle prior to the 30 days, you may call (209) 838-7093, option #2, to schedule a tow hearing.

Vehicle Release Requirements

In order to get your vehicle out of impound, the following items are required:

-The registered owner of the vehicle
-Two (2) people with valid driver licenses
-The vehicle must be currently registered or have been issued a temporary operating permit valid at the time of
-Proof of current insurance for the vehicle

Vehicle Release Fees:

-$172.00 without a tow hearing
-$204.00 with a tow hearing ($172 + $32)

Contact Info

Escalon Police
2040 McHenry Ave
(209) 838-7093 (ext 2)
Emergency Calls: