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Become an Explorer

Become an Explorer

What is a police explorer?

A police explorer is a volunteer between the ages of 14 and 21 who assists police officers in various tasks at the office and on patrol.

What is the objective of the Escalon Police Department Explorer Post?

The objective of the Escalon Police Department Explorer Post is to provide a firsthand, in-depth experience in the field of law enforcement.

Who is eligible to be a police explorer?

Explorer applicants must be between the age of 14 and 21, maintain a 2.0 GPA, have no serious arrests or convictions, have and maintain good moral character, pass a background check, pass an oral interview, and have a sincere interest in law enforcement.

What does an explorer receive training in?

Explorers are trained in many areas of law enforcement. Some of those area are firearms  training , traffic control , radio procedures, traffic accident investigation, traffic laws, defensive tactics, handcuffing/searching, building searches , and patrol procedure.

What is required of police explorers?

Police explorers are required to volunteer at least 16 hours per month and attend monthly meetings. They are required to volunteer their hours on patrol and at various special events such as Park Fete, National Night Out, various high school sporting events, and other special assignments.

If you would like to become an Explorer, you may come to the Escalon Police Department to pick up an application, or complete an on-line application by clicking here.

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