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Contact Us

For immediate assistance or to file a new police report, call dispatch.  Only call or e-mail an officer directly if you have already filed a report with them and would like to contact them regarding your case.  The phone numbers go to voicemail and the officer may be on days off or vacation, so it may take several days for them to get back to you.

 Non-Emergency Dispatch  (209) 838-7093
 Emergency Dispatch   911
            Staff Directory  
Name Position Phone Number
Robert Lackey Chief of Police  (209) 691-7310
Sara Cardoso Police Services Manager  (209) 691-7301
Gus Flores Sergeant  (209) 691-7319
Anthony Hardgraves Sergeant  (209) 691-7358
Carl Poortinga  Field Training Officer  (209) 691-7345
Nick Berchtold Field Training Officer (209) 691-7357
Jose Zambrana Field Training Officer  (209) 691-7302
 Nathan Vieira  Patrol Officer  (209) 691-7300
 Lawrence Baldonado  Patrol Officer   (209) 691-7300
 Travis Sharp  Patrol Officer   (209) 691-7300
 Andrew  Halvorson Patrrol Officer   (209) 691-7300
 Edder Cruz  Patrol Officer   (209) 691-7300
 Nicholas Geck Patrol Officer   (209) 691-7300
Dave Denton  Community Services Officer  (209) 691-7362
Crystal Pascale Animal Services Officer (Part-time)  (209) 691-7340
 Misty Booth Animal Services Officer (Part-time)  (209) 691-7341
Lakeisha McClain Animal Services Officer (Part-time)
(209) 691-7360

Contact Info

Escalon Police Department
2040 McHenry Ave
(209) 838-7093
Emergency Calls:
Non-Emergency Calls:
(209) 838-7093