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Personnel Complaints

If you feel that a member of the Escalon Police Department or Animal Control has acted in a way that was illegal, immoral, or unethical, you have the right to file a complaint.  To file a formal complaint, you can contact one of the sergeants to voice your concerns or complete an on-line complaint form.


 The City of Escalon Police Department realizes it must be responsive to input from the citizens in the community. The complaint must be in good faith and the

Department pledges to respond swiftly, thoroughly, and fairly to bona fide reports of alleged misconduct

 Not all contacts with the police are of an unfavorable nature, which would cause a complaint to be made. The greater majority of these contacts involve public assistance, information or, in some cases, life-saving action by a police officer.

 The City of Escalon Police Department will always seek ways to improve our services to the community. We have pledged ourselves to professional and dedicated police service.  To help us maintain this objective, we sincerely appreciate your comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Does this mean the Police Department wants complaints?

 Of course not.  A complaint may mean that someone hasn't done a good enough job.  But, we do want to know when our service needs to be improved or corrected.

 But will you listen to my complaint?

 Certainly. We want to find out what went wrong, if anything; so that we can see to it that it doesn't happen again.

 Who would investigate my complaint?

 Either a special investigator assigned by the Chief of Police or the officers supervisor would investigate a complaint against an officer.

 Well. Then. Who should go to First?

 You  should take a complaint about an officer to his supervisor. If he/she isn't there, ask for the on-duty Supervisor.  The Chief of Police gets copies of all complaints against officers.

Do I  have to complain in person?

No. We prefer to talk to you in person, however, if there are valid reasons this can't be done, your compliant can be made over the phone or by mail.  Generally, we do not accept a complaint from another party on your behalf, as this would be considered to be hearsay information and could leave out important facts needed for an investigation.  After receiving your complaint, a department supervisor will contact you.

I'm under 18: Do  have a right to complain?

 Yes, just bring one or both of your guardians in with you. Will  have to write my complaint out?

We have found it's much easier to investigate a written complaint, so we prefer them that way.  If there is a valid reasons this can't be done, we'll make arrangements.

How close will you really investigate?

Very Closely! We want to find out where we went wrong. On the other hand, if a person makes a FALSE complaint, we want to make that determination.

What will happen to the officer?

That will depend on what he did. If his actions were criminal, he would be dealt with like any other person. If they were improper, but not criminal, he will be disciplined by the Chief of Police.   You will be notified by the Department of the disposition of our investigation.

 We sincerely hope that you are satisfied with the results of this investigation.  If you are unsatisfied, an appointment would be made for you with the Chief of Police to discuss the complaint.  You could also contact the City Manager.  Our goal is that you will never need to use the information contained in this brochure and provide you the best service.

It is desirable that you come to the Escalon Police Department where your complaint  can be received during  a personal interview.  All  information  received will be treated confidentially  by the Escalon Police Department.

 A parent or guardian's  signature  is required  on any complaint filed by person under  18 years oage.

 When filing your complaint,  you will be asked to provide the following information:

 1.  Your name, address, telephone  number,  and date of birth.

 2 The name, address, telephone  number,  and date of birth or age of the alleged victimif other than yourself.

 3.  The date, day, time,  and location  of the incident about which you arcomplaining.

 4 The names of any witnesses,  their addresses and telephone  numbers, if available.

 5.  The name, address, and telephone  number of any persons arreste dduring the incident.

 6 The name,  badge number,  or identifying description  of the officer(s)  involved.

If you have none of this information.  simply tell what  happened, and the time and location  of the incident.

 7.  Give a narrative description  of the events giving  rise to your complaint.

 An investigator from the Escalon  Police Department shall contact all witnesses,  examine  any relevant physical evidence, and gather all information  pertinent to each allegation  made in the complaint.  After completion of the investigation,  a complaint disposition  of sustained or not sustained  shall be made,  based on each alleged act of misconduct.

 While citizen complaints  are investigated  by a member assigned by the Chief of Police, the final disposition  on the case will be made by the Chief of Police.  When complaints  are found to be sustained, the Chief of Police shaldetermine and administer  appropriate  corrective and/or disciplinary  action. The Chief of Police may consider  one or more of the following:  training;  oral or written  reprimand;  suspension and termination.

 We have up to a year to complete the investigation, but we attempt to ensure they are completed within  30 days from the time  it was  assigned to an investigator.  Normally the  investigations  are completed within this time  period.

 You will be notified  by letter of the completion of the investigation.


Gustavo Flores, Chief of Police

If you would like to file a complaint, you may call the on duty sergeant at (209) 838-7093, come to the Escalon Police Department to pick-up a complaint form, or click here to go to the on-line complaint form.

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