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Payments should be made out and mailed to:
“City of Escalon”
2060 McHenry Ave.
Escalon, CA 95320

Be sure to include your payment stub or your account number with your payment.

Payment Type
Payments can be mailed or made at City Hall with cash, check, money order or credit cards.

Credit Cards

Credit Cards are now accepted at City Hall! You can also pay by phone or make an online payment with a credit card. For online utility payments, please review the instructions on creating an online account: Create Member Account. To access the online payment site use the following link: Escalon Municipal Online Payments.

"PAY BY PHONE" Call 1.866.238.2287 to make your payment by phone. Please have your account number ready when you call. 

Automatic Bill Payments
If you are making payments through your bank’s automatic payment system, be sure to include your 8-digit account number.*If you move your account number changes. Make sure you have the correct account number set in your bill pay. Please note all account numbers were changed in February 2010. If you set up your automatic payment prior to February 2010, please be sure the bank has your new account number. **Please note that these bill pay checks from your bank are printed and mailed and can take multiple days or weeks to reach City Hall.**

Preauthorized Payment Service
The Preauthorized Payment Service lets you pay your City of Escalon utility bill automatically and on time. Sign up for Preauthorized Payment Service and your payment will be automatically deducted from your bank account. You will continue to receive your monthly billing statement so you can review it and contact us with any questions you may have before your payment is made. Applications are available below, at City Hall, or request one to be mailed to you by calling (209) 691-7423. Mail or bring in your application with a voided check. Preauthorized Payment Service Application. Please note, when signing up for preauthorized payments it will apply to any future bills, if you have a current balance due it will need to be paid by with cash, check, or money order.

Drop Box
There is a payment drop box slot located at City Hall, 2060 McHenry Ave, to the left of the front door. Payments can be dropped here at any time. Payments are collected at 8:00am, Monday through Thursday, unless it is a Holiday. Payments dropped in the slot after 8:00am are posted the following working day; i.e. payments dropped after 8:00am on Thursday are posted on Monday.

Payment Assistance
If you need assistance paying down any remaining water debt, you may be eligible for other State or Federal assistance programs. One of those programs is the Low Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP), which will be administered through the California Department of Community Services and Development (CSD), and is scheduled to begin May 2022. For more information on LIHWAP and to learn more about the eligibility requirements, visit their website at:

DOXO Warning
DOXO bill pay is a third-party bill paying service that uses the City's address and contact information on their website to make it appear as if they are affiliated with the City of Escalon. They are NOT.  Customers who attempt to pay their utility bills through DOXO may be hit with excessive fees and the City has no control over when the payment will be received. To make sure you are paying the City of Escalon directly, please click on Municipal Online Payments.

Contact Info

(209) 691-7423