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Lawn mower mowing the grass

Lose the Bag!  Grasscycle!  Fertilizing your lawn and garden can be much less expensive and less toxic by using natural products.  Grasscycling lawn clippings (leaving them on the lawn) saves time (no more bagging), saves money (reduces the amount of fertilizer needed by 15-20%), and encourages a healthier lawn.  Grass clippings contain valuable nitrogen.  Keeping the grass clippings out the landfill also saves valuable landfill space and saves the energy used to haul the clippings out to the landfill.

Over-fertilizing in general is not healthy for your lawn, plus much of the fertilizer may be washed away by over-watering.  By leaving the lawn clippings on the lawn, you reintroduce organics and nutrients back into the soil.  you might see some traces of grass clippings right after you mow, but within a few hours, they dry up like they were never even there.  you may still have to fertilize when you use the grasscycling technique, but you can increase the intervals between feedings and reduce the amount of fertilizer that you use by 10-20%.  Why not try some organic fertilizer such as bat guano, poultry or steer manure?  Or if you're really adventurous, create your own blend of fertilizer made up of natural ingredients, such as bone meal, greensand, kelp powder and compost or manure.  Natural fertilizers dispense nutrients slowly and over a longer period, strengthening root systems and leaving your lawn looking great.